The only limit to somethings potential, is the level of genius applied to it


No matter what engine you have, it can be modified!

We have one policy here at Torquers Diesel Engine Technology, and that is to get the best possible results, every time. No engine is without its challenges and limitations, however a limitation can be increased given the correct modifications are applied.

Not every engine will yield good results from similar modifications that gave good results on another engine, which is why we don’t leave anything to chance. What works well on a common rail engine will not necessarily work well on a unit injector type engine, and what works well with unit injection won’t necessarily work well on a Rotary pump build. We have the knowledge to extract the maximum potential from any diesel engine, and we strive to give the best possible results to all out customers at all times.

Valve control is a big aspect of tuning which is often forgotten. When the valves are not maintaining the desired seal once they hit the seat, they simply hemorrhage power. We have a range of valvetrain components that covers almost any build, be it a 1.1 CRDi, or a 4.0 OM629. Camshafts are also available by special order for most engines, if you can not find it on our online store.

Nitrous Oxide is often frowned upon and even more often overlooked. One thing we can guarantee is this, there will be no other single performance package that you can add to your engine, that will increase its ability to make more power than a nitrous kit. Dramatically cooler intake air temps, much better combustion, and a whole load of extra power available should you need it. There is a certain feeling one can not replicate when using nitrous, and that is the feeling of the ultimate power adder at the flick of a switch.

A vast majority of our customers are often dejected and close to giving up on their build when they first contact us, because a lot of misinformation and delusion floats around on online forums. We regularly hear people say “I heard that you can’t get more than X ps from Y engine” or “It’s not possible to have a hardcut on this engine” Well we can tell you that it can be done! The only limiting factor is how far you are willing to go…

1.7 Bosch CDTi GTB17 Hybrid

  • Water:Air intercooler – 10 row oil cooler
  • Stage 1 fuel pump – Electric water pump
  • Sending pump 60PSI – Rising rate FPR
  • Stage 2 Alloy Intlet – Stage 2 injectors
  • Stage 2 induction – Full valvetrain package
  • MAP 4BAR – 2000BAR RPS
  • 1200kg/h MAF – 90mm pipework
  • VNT software stage 6 – Twin disc transmission


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Fuel injector calibration
With the use of a Bosch EPS 205 fuel injector test bench, we are able to accurately and precisely test almost any fuel injector currently available on the market. We are able to test all types of diesel injectors up to 1800 bar, including piezeo, Pumpe Düse/unit injector, rotary & axial pump injectors (nozzle and holder assemblies) for both direct and indirect injection, and all major brand common rail solenoid injectors. This allows us to accurately modify any injector, for high flow high stress applications, to be both reliable and perform at the absolute peak of performance time and time again. For those specialist piezeo injectors, we are acquiring a Hartridge Sabre Expert in the near future to test up to 2700 bar!
Turbocharger balance & flow calibration
Using a Turbo Technics VSFR (vibration sorting & flow rig) we are able to accurately and consistently give perfect results every time. We balance all our billet cores up to a minimum of 175,000 rpm, making sure that the turbocharger is more that up to its challenge. Of course not every turbocharger is intended to run at this high of a rotational speed, however when an overboost situation occurs, it gives you the overhead required to keep you out of trouble. We also flow calibrate each turbocharger for use on the specific application it is built for, because between one engine and another, the exhaust flow at various rpm’s will not be the same.
ECU modification & development
WinOLS is the yard stick when it comes to ECU tuning software. There is simply non greater, fact. It takes a long time to understand, and even longer to master, which is why we have a specialist team of software engineers and programmers, who’s sole purpose is to make this piece of software their home. We have spent countless man hours disassembling code, changing parameters, and adapting data, so that you are able to have the absolute best possible product every time. Not only that, but we are one of a very elite few in the industry, who are able to calibrate VNT turbochargers into ECU’s which only have wastegate control from the factory, and even some ECU’S which had no turbocharger control at all!

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