2.0 16 valve PD TDi high flow injector nozzles


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All nozzle needles come with DLC coating for extended service life and increased efficiency.

These high flow injector nozzles will perform well up to the following power limits:-

STAGE 1 – 325ps
STAGE 2 – 415ps
STAGE 3 – 555ps

Custom injectors can be made for power levels above those mentioned, please use the contact form HERE to make your request.

If you are unable to find the correct version for your specific vehicle, or your vehicle is not listed, send us a message HERE and we will help you select the correct option.

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As with any piece of hardware on an engine, when it comes to tuning, it has limitations. Standard injectors are designed to have a specific burn time, so that NOx emissions are kept to the desired level, & with fueling in a specified fuel quantity range in mind. There are however, cost and standard design practices to take into consideration when they design the injectors for a specific application.

With our high flow injector nozzles, we didn’t have a commercially restricted design specification to adhere to, we created specific nozzles to work at high power levels, and gain improvements in every aspect of the fuel injection and combustion process.

High flow, excellent atomisation properties, improved spray patterns & greater efficiency, mean it is possible to run at increased power levels, with reduced EGT & less smoke.
Lower injection duration times & much better fuel atomisation, means you are able to reduce injection advance, improving peak cylinder pressures after TDC & reducing them before TDC.
Fitting these injector nozzles without a remap, will add masses of power, however it is advised that they are calibrated into the ECU for best results, and to avoid engine running issues such as boost control fluctuations and poor idle.

If you have stock injectors and are at the very limit of the injectors, you will find extra performance simply from using a better injector nozzle, even at the exact same AFR and fuel injected quantity, due to shorter injection times, thus more fuel is available for useful combustion closer to TDC.

Increasing the fuel pressure above standard specification, simply add more stress on the fuel system and provide only small returns in overall fuel flow, not to mention the extra parasitic loss from the overworking of the fuel pump. Fuel pressure should be increased to improve fuel atomisation and is not a remedy for injector flow limitations.

You will be sent 4x high flow injector nozzles.  If you wish to send us your current injectors to be modified, please click HERE

We provide 18 months warranty with all our injectors and injector parts, and thus maintain stringent quality assurance measures.

All injector nozzles can be supplied with the correct ecu calibration.

These injector nozzles are suitable for all AZV, BLB, BKD, BNA, BRE, BRF, BVF, BVG etc. versions of the 2.0 16 valve PD TDi engine which use Bosch PD injectors.

These injector nozzles will not fit the Siemens PPD injectors.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Injector manufacturer


Injector part number

0414 720 404

Power level

Stage 1 +40% – 325ps, Stage 2 +80% – 415ps, Stage 3 +140% – 555ps


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