1.7 Di / DTi Isuzu Engine Ported Intake Manifold & EGR Delete Kit


Product information

Improved air flow into the engine, increasing performance potential.
Allows complete removal of the EGR valve and associated pipework.
Reduces restrictions and raises high rpm power production.
Less pressure drop from intake manifold to intake valve, allows more air flow at the same boost pressure.

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If you want the maximum possible performance from the standard turbocharger, this is a simply must have. The standard intake manifold does not allow all 8 intake valves to receive the air flow potential that they could flow. The standard intake manifold has a restriction plate between the intake manifold plenum and the cylinder head, which basically makes the engine work as a 12 valve unit.

This intake kit has been specifically developed to maximize the intake air’s flow potential, and removes all possible restrictions before the valve. With the EGR valve completely removed, the air is allowed to travel unhindered into the intake manifold. The intake manifold plenum entry is also larger than standard which improves air distribution and flow. The baffles are completely removed, which allows all 8 intake valves to reach their maximum potential.

Fitting this kit will mean less boost pressure is wasted forcing all the air through only 4 intake valves. Charge air temps are reduced and overall turbocharger efficiency is improved. The engine will make more power at the same boost pressure. Make no mistake, this is the key to unlocking that power you have been missing.

The intake manifold has a built in boost reference port, which allows you to mount both the MAP sensor and a boost gauge if desired.

If you are running a larger turbocharger than standard, you will have severe turbocharger compressor surge issues unless you fit an 8/8 style intake manifold system like this.

Comes complete as a set of intake manifold, EGR delete pipe, silicone elbow, alloy coupler & hose clamps.

Suitable for all 1.7 Di & DTi engines.

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Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 25 cm

Blue, Black


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