1.7 TD / Di / DTi / CDTi Isuzu Engine Stage 1 Head Bolt Upgrade Set


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Capacity of up to 35psi boost pressure (tested safe limitation)

Designed to fit engine codes:
4ec1 (x15d)
T4ec1 (x15dt)
4ee1 (x17d)
T4ee1 (x17dt)

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To avoid cylinder head gasket failure, there must be a higher clamping load applied between the cylinder block and cylinder head. This head bolt kit can be used to increase the total clamping force applied, and allow for much higher cylinder pressures and greater injection advance, before the clamping force is overcome by the forces in the cylinder during combustion. It will allow you to run up to 35psi of boost pressure safely, solves issues with head lift, and maintains reliability on your tuned engine. This upgrade is a must if you wish to turbocharge your early model N/A engine, as they run a much higher compression ratio.

Comes complete as a set of 10 bolts, 10 washers, installation lubricant & installation instructions.

Thread chaser sold separately HERE

These head bolts are suitable for 1.7D, 1.7 TD, 1.7 Di, 1.7 DTi & 1.7 CDTi engines.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm


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