1.7 Di / DTi / CDTi Isuzu Engine Pre-mapped Plug & Play ECU Kit


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Custom calibration, no generic files. We adjust all parameters within the ECU to match your exact set up. All variables created to meet your desire & wishes. Air:Fuel ratios accurately calculated to give you whatever smoke level you want.
Performance figures for each engine will vary depending on exact set up. Once you’ve ordered we will contact you regarding your vehicle, and set the map according to your vehicle specification and your preferences e.g. limiter rpm, throttle mapping etc. Stage 1 equates to maximum performance given standard turbocharger, stage 2 based on maximum performance of our hybrid variant of standard turbocharger, stage 3 based on maximum performance of our stage 1 isuzu engine turbocharger. For custom mapping for any set up, send us a direct message HERE

1.7 Di/DTi Y17DTL/Y17DT

STAGE 1 – 125BHP & 230lb/ft
STAGE 2 – 155BHP & 250lb/ft
STAGE 3 – 185BHP & 280lb/ft
STAGE 4 – 210BHP & 320lb/ft

1.7 CDTi Z17DTL

STAGE 1 – 125BHP & 230lb/ft
STAGE 2 – 155BHP & 250lb/ft
STAGE 3 – 185BHP & 280lb/ft
STAGE 4 – 210BHP & 320lb/ft

1.7 CDTi Z17DTH & 4EE2

STAGE 1 – 155BHP & 255lb/ft
STAGE 2 – 185BHP & 280lb/ft
STAGE 3 – 210BHP & 320lb/ft
STAGE 4 – 250BHP & 350lb/ft

All performance figures are given as a guide only, all final power figures will depend entirely on vehicle set up and mapping adjustments made. No two vehicles are the same, which is why all our files are customised to the specifics of the given vehicle.

For information on all requirements for each stage of tune, or any queries about performance parts, please contact us HERE

If you are unable to find the correct version for your specific vehicle, or your vehicle is not listed, send us a message HERE and we will help you select the correct option.

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Adding power to your vehicle couldn’t be simpler, you literally fit the ECU kit, start your engine, and enjoy the power potential of your engine.

As standard, motor vehicles are made to fit into a particular performance bracket, to suit the wants and needs of the motor vehicle manufacturers marketing department. This means that their performance is sub par, especially with diesel engines, otherwise people would be deterred from buying the less powerful petrol equivalent, that uses more fuel and is less reliable.

With our pre-mapped kits, we simply load your custom calibration onto an ECU, which comes supplied with all immobiliser related hardware. On average they take around 15 minutes to fit, and will see you go from slow to go in no time at all. No wiring or soldering required, simply plug it in and away you go.

And whats more….if you return your original kit back to us, you will receive a payment back (subject to passing quality control. please see below table for refund amount)

All ECU kits come with hard cut limiter & EGR delete as standard. We will contact you for exact vehicle specifications and personal preferences before sending you the item.

Depending on product selection, these ECU kits are suitable for 1.7 Di, 1.7 DTi & 1.7 CDTi engines.

Refund values:-

1.7 Dti & CDTi Astra MK4 – €100*

1.7 Di & DTi Corsa/Combo/Meriva – €150*

1.7 CDTi Corsa/Combo/Meriva – €200*

1.7 CTDi Civic (4EE2) – €200*

*Subject to quality inspection. Damaged items will be subject to reduction in value. Items missing will be deducted from final value. All items should be fully working and without software problems. All items must be returned with delivery confirmation postage, and in appropriate packaging. Value reduced during sale events, keeping in line with original product discount rate.

Contact us HERE for any information regarding your remap options.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm
Engine code

Y17DT/Y17DTL, Z17DTH, Z17DTL, 4EE2


Corsa C/Combo C/Meriva A, Astra G, Civic EP4


1, 2, 3, 4

Air Conditioning



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