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Dyno-Might Green is a great option for daily use. Increases torque and power throughout the whole rev range, without the need for expensive parts upgrades.

Dyno-Might Blue is an absolute must have for anyone who will be visiting the dyno or drag strip, and wants the maximum power available. This could be the winning formula to take you to that next milestone. If you want to finish strong, take the blue pill.

Gains will vary depending on engine variant, mapping, and modifications fitted.

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There are many wonderful and elaborate ways to get more power from your diesel engine. Increasing air flow through a higher flowing turbocharger is one way, changing the fuel flow by changing the injectors for a set of upgrade units, or reducing losses by improving the exhaust gas flow out of the engine with a performance downpipe and exhaust system. They are all forms of mechanical performance improvements, but there are also chemical performance improvers that can drastically increase the power potential of your engine.

Nitrous oxide is a form of chemical supercharging, increasing performance by forming a much more oxygen rich combustion process, and of course more oxygen to burn fuel, means more fuel to burn, and therefore more power available.

These fuel additives work in a similar way to nitrous oxide, except they are injected through the fuel system rather than the intake system. Extra oxygen molecules are bonded in to the fuel additive*, to give a massive improvement in mixture formation, and also a greater volume of oxygen available for combustion with each injection. A vast reduction in ignition delay also creates a more effective combustion process, where more active energy is used to force the piston down and create more power.

These additives create a lower fuel flash point of the base fuel, which means the fuel ignites at a lower temperature, providing less time to be needed to heat the fuel before combustion begins, once injection begins. Also the improved atomisation properties of the fuel when combined with these additives, means that fuel evaporates much faster and therefor binds with oxygen atoms from the intake air faster. Less smoke produced per mg of fuel and a better overall burn. An additional benefit of this is that a richer fuel ratio can be used with no negative effects.

Using good quality base fuel will net the greatest benefits. Not all engines will respond as effectively to increased dosage rates without correct adjustments to the injection advance, since the fuel will begin to burn much earlier in the cycle compared to regular untreated diesel. Always treat diesel with the advised dosage rate then increase from there, and if performance gains flatline, you will likely require injection timing adjustments.

Power in a bottle. Dyno-Might !

*Dyno-Might Blue formulation only.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 70 × 50 × 35 cm

Blue, Green


100ml Shot, Triple Pack 3x100ml, Drag Strip Pack 10x100ml, Big Lad 500ml, Tall Boy 1000ml, Fat Man 2L, Boss Man 5L


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