1.7 Di / DTi Isuzu Engine Fuel Pump Control Unit EDU (reconditioned)


Product information

Professionally reconditioned to a high standard
Solder joints desoldered with copper flux braid
Capacitors and resistors replaced where required
Sealed with high temp & fluid resistant silicone
Tested & guaranteed for 12 months for your assurance

Spill valve fault code P0251 repair
Fix timing related faults due to EDU internal circuit issues

No additional surcharge fees to pay
Refund of up to €50 for your old unit if you decide to return it to us

Standard timescale (arrival in 3-5 working days)
Urgent timescale (arrival in 1-2 working days) for those who can not afford downtime on their vehicle

No U.K. customs headaches due to rules of origin, and their original manufacture in the U.K. by Delphi

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Nothing can be more annoying than your vehicles engine refusing to start. If you’re the owner of a 1.7 Di or DTi engined vehicle, then you are probably already aware of the ill fated EDU. The fuel pump control unit, is usually the cause of most engine related gremlins with regards to this particular engine. Unfortunately a lot of time and money is spent by garages and home mechanics alike, trying to fix problems that aren’t actually there, because the root cause is usually this control box.

These fuel pump controllers will 99.99% of the time fix spill valve fault code p0251. In all our years of dealing with diesel engines, we have never actually seen a spill valve fail on one of these engines.
Some timing related issues can also be traced back to the EDU, so if you have replaced the crank position sensor and still have poor running and terrible fuel economy, then this is something to consider.

You will be hard pushed to find a more reliable engine, unfortunately as with most modern day mechanical things, the electronics don’t last half as long. With these reconditioned EDU’s, you can be sure that you will not have to worry about the EDU being the cause of your breakdown for a very long time.

There are very delicate electronics inside, and without the correct knowledge it is very easy to damage them trying to perform a home repair. A lot of the time, the myth that it’s just a case of resoldering some broken connections, means that people attempt the repair and cause more damage in the process.

We provide a warranty of 12 months with all units, because we know that they will last a minimum of that time. We are so sure about our repairs, that we offer a no fuss money back AND  replacement guarantee.  If the unit fails within the first 12 months due to electrical component failure, we will replace the unit and refund you the cost of your purchase too.

One reconditioned EDU, surcharge included in price of purchase.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

Standard, Urgent


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