1.7 Di / DTi / CDTi Isuzu Engine Oil Cooler Kit


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Much improved oil cooling & oil filtration over the standard system.
Greater cooling capacity and increased maximum power capabilities.
Better oil pressure and temperature control increases power and maximizes drivability.
Increases oil performance, allowing for more power while maintaining safety margins.
Reduces thermal load on the engine coolant system, lowering the chances of entering overheat protection mode in the engine control unit.
The correctly specified oil thermostat designed exactly for this application, ensures correct engine warm up, and maintains the oils ability to burn off unwanted contaminants such as condensated water and fuel.
These oil cooler kits are suitable for 1.7 Di, 1.7 DTi & 1.7 CDTi engines.

If you are unable to find the correct version for your specific vehicle, or your vehicle is not listed, send us a message HERE and we will help you select the correct option.

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If you want to increase the maximum performance of your engine, you will likely need to upgrade your cooling system. The standard cooling systems fitted to most modern vehicles are not made with maximum performance in mind. Their design is usually a compromise between “will it fit” and “how much will it cost.” A lot of the oil cooler systems fitted to modern road cars, are cooled by the engine coolant in a water:oil cooling configuration. This is both troublesome and ineffective for performance purposes.

These oil cooler systems have been specifically developed to maximize cooling of the engine, while keeping oil pressure and oil temperature within the optimum performance window. The oil cooling is not shared with the water cooling, so the overall engine temperatures are kept lower and safer. They have high flow, excellent cooling capacity, and are made from high quality materials. The kits are made to measure, so fitting is carried out with the upmost simplicity.

Fitting this kit will mean oil peak temps are reduced and overall engine efficiency and reliability is improved. Standard water:oil cooling systems, put all the load on the engine coolant system, and when you are asking for more power from your engine, and therefor are generating more heat, this can overload the system.
When the system is overloaded, you may not notice the engine overheating, and this is because most modern diesel engine management systems have an overheat protection function built in, where the engines power is reduced when the coolant temperature starts to climb above a certain safety margin. This reduction in power means that the engine generates less heat, and thus the thermal load on the coolant system stabilises, and the engine does not go into an overheating situation.
You probably noticed we mentioned the engine management system will reduce power. This is definitely not something we want for a modified engine, we want all the power all the time. Cooling the oil in a separate system, greatly reduces the thermal load placed on the engine coolant system, and therefore means the engine control unit is far less likely to enter the overheat protection phase, and you can have all the power, all the time.

Another added benefit of this kit, is that we use a thermostat device to control the oil flow to the oil cooling radiator. This keeps the oil temperature in the optimum window for both lubrication and engine protection. The temperature also has a big effect on the thickness of the oil, and the thickness of the oil generally dictates how well it can be pressurised in the system. If your oil is getting too hot, your oil pressure is likely to be getting too low as well.

An oil canister filter as opposed to a paper element filter is supplied with the kit. This replaces the standard oil filter, both improving filtering ability, and also oil flow and pressure control.

You will not find a better solution to both maintaining engine reliability, and supporting increased performance without major engine configuration changes.

Comes complete as a set of braided hoses, oil radiator, thermostat and oil filter housing, oil filter, adapter plate & installation diagram. Can also be specified with correct oil pressure and oil temperature gauges.

All kits are made to measure, so simply remove from the box and fit it to your vehicle.

Depending on product selection, these kits are suitable for 1.7 Di, 1.7 DTi & 1.7 CDTi engines.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 40 cm

Honda, Opel/GM/Vauxhall


Astra Mk4 G, Astra Mk5 H, Civic Mk7 EP4, Corsa/Combo Mk3 C


1.7 Di 65ps Y17DTL / 1.7 DTi 75ps Y17DT / 1.7 CDTi 101ps Z17DTH, 1.7 DTi 75ps Y17DT / 1.7 CDTi 80ps Z17DTL, 1.7 CDTi 80ps Z17DTL / 1.7 CDTi 101ps Z17DTH, 1.7 CTDi 100ps 4EE2

Oil radiator size

10 row, 15 row, 25 row


Oil temparature, Oil pressure, Oil temparature & Oil pressure, No gauges included


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