1.9 JTD / JTDm / CDTi / TiD Sachs Racing Clutch System


Product information

Friction plates available in organic or cermaetalic material
High clamp load pressure plates increase torque capacity while maintaining a light clutch pedal
Single mass flywheels machined from a single piece of forged billet steel
Lighter weight than the standard clutch system improves engine response
Increase torque capacity and reduce drivetrain losses
Strict quality control to ensure the highest standards of production
12 months warranty on all units

Minimum torque increase of each variation:-

Organic friction plate with O.E: pressure plate :- + 17.5% increase in slip resistance
Paddle friction plate with O.E: pressure plate :- +32.5% increase in slip resistance

Organic friction plate with high performance pressure plate :- +35% increase in slip resistance
Paddle friction plate with high performance pressure plate :- +50% increase in slip resistance

These figures are based on a correctly bedded in brand new flywheel, friction disc and pressure plate.

If you are unable to find the correct version for your specific vehicle, or your vehicle is not listed, send us a message HERE and we will help you select the correct option.

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If you are modifying your diesel engine, you are probably going to need to upgrade your clutch at some point.

The standard clutch systems fitted to most modern diesel engines are barely even able to cope with the torque from the original turbocharger. If the software on the ECU would allow maximum torque as soon as it was available from the turbo, the clutch will show signs of increased fatigue and in some cases slip straight away. This is where our upgrade clutch systems come in.

Sachs Performance clutches are world renowned for their incredible performance and ability to take as much abuse as you can possibly throw at them. The clutch systems on offer here have been specifically designed to work with modified engines, and have a much higher torque capacity than you might expect if you look at their torque rating vs real world ability. Some of the kits on offer are not commercially available anywhere else, as they have been selected by us to be compatible with engine and gearbox combinations that are not available as original equipment.

Coupled with one of our custom lightweight single mass billet flywheels, these clutch kits will not only totally transform the power capabilities of your vehicle, but they will also lower drivetrain losses and increase engine response, so you can have more power transferred to the road and less being wasted turning unnecessarily heavy masses. Acceleration is greatly improved, as well as throttle response and engine braking. All in all, a must have for your performance engine build.

The organic friction material is designed for every day driven cars, that are not launched hard from a standing start very often. The organic material has a very smooth engagement, however this comes at the expense of overall torque capacity. Although the material used is much more heat resistant and has a greater coefficient of friction compared to O.E. style materials, it can still be easily overheated when not taken care of. Most suited to vehicles that have been modified with hybrid turbochargers of the same frame size (eg GT1749 hybrid to a GT1756)

The paddle friction material is made from a mixture of different materials, mainly ceramics and metals, which is designed for aggressively driven cars, that are launched hard from a standing start very often. They are sometimes referred to as a cerametallic clutch, a bronze clutch, a paddle clutch, a puck clutch, a ceramic clutch or a sintered clutch. The ceramic material doesn’t have a very smooth engagement, and it does not like to be sitting on the bite point for any length of time without the vehicle trying to drive quickly forward, but this is because the coefficient of friction is so high it has very little ability to slip. The metallic material used is much more heat resistant and also has a greater coefficient of friction compared to the racing organic material, so it will hold up to basically any treatment you can give it and will not care. If you manage to make one slip, you know you’ve build one mighty engine. Most suited to vehicles that have been modified with upgraded turbochargers of a larger frame size (eg GT1749 hybrid to a GT2260)

The upgrade pressure plates go hand in hand with the performance friction discs, making a huge increase in overall torque capacity. They can also be used without an upgrade friction disc with an O.E. organic friction disc and also see a good increase in torque capacity. The higher clamping load means that more engine torque is required to break the friction between the friction disc, the flywheel, and the pressure plate, thus you have an increase in possible torque output before clutch slip occurs.

Our lightweight single mass flywheels are made from a single piece of forged billet steel. The material is formed in a CNC milling machine, and is shaped to be the strongest and lightest shape possible, while maintaining good engine idling and extreme strength. Being of a single mass design, they will not break with aggressive treatment. They are balanced to incredibly low tolerances, and the mass is distributed such that the piston strokes coincide with a corrected area of mass, reducing the vibration and harshness transferred to the rest of the drivetrain.

12 months warranty with all units.

Please follow all fitting and initial running instructions thoroughly, the clutch disc and flywheel may become damaged and warranty voided if you do not follow the instructions carefully. The full break in procedure must be correctly followed to achieve the maximum possible torque capacity from the clutch disc.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 35 cm
Gearbox Version

F40 6 speed, M32 6 speed

System Parts

Friction Plate Only, Pressure Plate Only, Friction Kit, Billet Flywheel Kit

Friction Type

Organic, Paddle, N/A


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