4 Bar Boost Pressure Sensor


Product information

4 Bar map sensor.
Can measure up to 3 Bar of boost pressure (43.5 psi)
Sensor linearization for ECU calibration included.
Excellent measuring capabilities, with fast response rate and high accuracy.
Can be supplied with or without plug depending on requirement, some looms will have the correct fitting as standard.

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If you are modifying your diesel engine, chances are your standard MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor will need upgrading. Some manufacturers fit sensors that are even sub par for the standard turbocharger. This is where we come in to help.

These 4 bar sensors, will happily see you towards your goal of achieving more power, in a safe and reliable way. Not only do they measure the boost pressure to help with the tuning of the turbocharger, and ensure the ECU can adjust the turbochargers output to match that which the software on the ECU is asking for, they also add a margin of safety, because running at 1.9 bar of boost (2.9 bar actual) on a 3 bar sensor, there’s little room for the ECU to monitor large spikes in overboost.

Unlike most 4 bar sensors, which are limited to 4 bar of boost pressure measurement, these will actually read as high as 4.25 bar, giving you that all important extra headroom.

No one wants to see their brand new and expensive hybrid turbocharger, dismantle itself into the engine, because the ECU was unable to register an issue. Perfect for improving reliability.

Sensors available with correct loom adapter to quickly and easily wire in the sensor to your current engine loom. Calibration data and wiring information included.

One sensor, or one sensor with plug, or one sensor with loom adapter as selected.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Sensor only, Sensor with bare wires plug, Sensor with 1.7 CDTi plug and play adapter


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