2.4 20v JTD / JTDm CP1H3 R80+ & CP1H3 R90+ Fuel Pump (reconditioned)


Product information

Fuel pumps made from brand new Bosch parts
Rebuilt using brand new bushings, seals, gaskets, pistons, shafts, valves and o rings
Fully flow tested and pressure tested after assembly
Special storage fluid used to ensure all pumps are kept in the best condition after production
Strict quality control to ensure the highest standards of production
12 months warranty on all units

Maximum fuel flow for each variation:-

R80+ – 0.8032cc / rev free flow
R90+ – 0.9104cc / rev free flow

Price is for an exchange fuel pump, if you wish to send us your fuel pump for modification, then please use the address provided in the email you receive after purchase. If you wish for us to send you a fuel pump first, please add THIS surcharge to your basket, this deposit will be refunded once we receive back your original unit.
Total peak flow as a guide only, this is based upon the flow data of the fuel pump as a whole and does not take into account the back flow (leak off) of any injectors you may use. Different injectors will leak more/less fuel based on their condition. Increasing the fuel rail pressure beyond the fuel injectors design specification is not recommended. Every engine build is different and thus will yield different results.

Fuel pumps suitable for all 2.4 Multijet diesel engines found in Alfa romeo, Fiat and Lancia vehicles.

If you are unable to find the correct version for your specific vehicle, or your vehicle is not listed, send us a message HERE and we will help you select the correct option.

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If you are modifying your diesel engine, you may need to upgrade your fuel pump.

The standard R80 fuel pump is a very popular upgrade for the Multijet engine (JTD CDTi TiD etc) and they certainly provide the extra fuel flow required when running with larger injectors and larger turbochargers. Although they may flow more fuel, the problem still remains that these pumps are still only designed for a maximum fuel pressure of 1600BAR. Our fuel pumps are designed specifically to run at pressures over 2400BAR, and will remain reliable at these pressures.

The fuel pumps we supply are highly modified R70 fuel pumps, and they are far removed from the standard R80 fuel pumps you will find on the market. Although the R80+ name would suggest that they are both similar, they are worlds apart in overall performance ability.

Our R80+ pumps do not use a longer stroke to provide the extra fuel flow like the regular R80 pumps, rather the diameter of the pumping elements is increased. This has two major benefits over the standard R80 pumps. First there is more fuel volume pumped per unit of plunger travel, so the pump can run at a higher pressure with less strain on the mechanical components, and also the pump is more efficient since there is less plunger travel and therefore less leakage. With our R80+ pump you can run at higher fuel pressures with less stress on the fuel system, and make more power.

The R90+ version we provide is also a modified version of the standard R70 fuel pump, and like above it has been modified to use larger pumping elements to increase the fuel flow. The R90+ gains even more fuel flow over our R80+ pump by using pumping elements with a larger internal volume in the plunger itself, meaning although the displaced volume of fuel is the same, the total fuel volume under pressure in the chamber is increased, and as the pressurised fuel is transferred through the delivery valve on to the fuel rail, it maintains a higher average pressure across the pumping strokes and delivery events. Overall this maintains a higher pressure at a lower workload, meaning the pump efficiency is improved further. In addition to the increased fuel pumping volume, displacement is increased further by increasing the stroke length, which increases the total capacity above R90.

You may find other R80 and even R85 fuel pumps on the market, however keep in mind that the R## number is simply a measure of the fuel pumps overall displacement, it does not show you the overall ability of the fuel pump.

If you are struggling to decide which fuel pump is best for your application, send us a message HERE and we will get back to you with a recommendation as soon as possible.

Price is based on exchange for fully working original fuel pump, which you send to us and we carry out the refurbishment and modifications required. If you wish for us to send you out a fuel pump first, and you return yours later, there is a surcharge (deposit) to pay, which is refunded upon us receiving back your fully working original unit. Please add THIS surcharge to your basket if you wish to purchase the turbocharger outright, or want us to send the fuel pump to you first and you return yours later. If you don’t add this surcharge to your basket, you  will not be sent a turbocharger until we either receive your original or the surcharge.

12 months warranty with all units.

Please follow all fitting and initial running instructions thoroughly, the pump may become damaged and warranty voided if you do not follow the instructions carefully.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 40 cm
Pump Type

R80+, R90+


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