High Flow MAF Sensor


Product information

A choice of sensors to suit any performance application.

Peak measurement capabilities are as follows:-

850kg/h – 260ps on a 4 cylinder diesel engine @ 4500rpm with 16:1 afr.³
1200kg/h – 370ps on a 4 cylinder diesel engine @ 4500rpm with 16:1 afr.³
1800kg/h – 555ps on a 4 cylinder diesel engine @ 4500rpm with 16:1 afr.³
2400kg/h – 740ps on a 4 cylinder diesel engine @ 4500rpm with 16:1 afr.³

Sensor linearization for ECU calibration included.
Excellent measuring capabilities, with fast response rate and high accuracy.
Can be supplied with or without plug depending on requirement, some looms will have the correct fitting as standard.

peak power is a rough guide only, maximum power capabilities will be determined entirely by the engine hardware and ECU software

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If you are modifying your diesel engine, chances are your standard MAF (mass air flow) sensor will need upgrading. Some manufacturers fit sensors that are even sub par for the standard turbocharger. This is where we come in to help.

These sensors, will happily see you towards your goal of achieving more power, in a safe and reliable way. They measure the air flow to help with the tuning of the turbocharger, injectors, exhaust systems and induction systems, and ensure the ECU can adjust the fuel output to match whatever AFR the ECU is asking for. EGT will be easy to keep within safe margins, by accurately being able to measure air flow into the engine, and calculate the correct air to fuel mixture. They also have a large diameter, to reduce pressure drop and maintain high flow into the turbocharger.

There are two types of sensor widely used in modern diesel engines, analogue and digital. Both are available here, and both with high flow measurement capacity. If you are unsure of which type you require, or if you will need one at all, then message us HERE

Sensors available with correct loom adapter to quickly and easily wire in the sensor to your current engine loom. Calibration data and wiring information included.

One sensor, or one sensor with plug as selected.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 25 cm

Analogue, Digital

Peak flow measurement

850kg/h, 1200kg/h, 1800kg/h, 2400kg/h

Plug required

Yes, No


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