M18x1.5 Rail Pressure Sensor


Product information

M18 x 1.5 RPS.
Can measure up to 2700 Bar of rail pressure.
Sensor linearization for ECU calibration included.
Excellent measuring capabilities, with fast response rate and high accuracy.
Can be supplied with or without plug depending on requirement, some looms will have the correct fitting as standard.

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If you are modifying your diesel engine, chances are your standard RPS (rail pressure sensor) will need upgrading. Some manufacturers fit sensors that are not able to measure high enough, to meet modified injectors capabilities. This is where we come in to help.

These M18 x 1.5 sensors, will happily see you towards your goal of achieving more power, in a safe and reliable way. They have a very quick response rate, high accuracy, and long service life. They are available in different ratings, so its possible to choose the perfect sensor for your application.

Usually manufacturers only give around 200 bar overhead on their sensors, from the standard peak fuel pressure limit. It’s easy to find the limit of the stock sensor, and not have any room for overhead measurement. This can be damaging for both injector and pump, depending on how close to the limit of the sensor you are. We always advise to leave the same 200 bar overhead that the manufacturers use, e.g for a 2200 bar application, we recommend the 2400 bar sensor.

Sensors available with correct loom adapter to quickly and easily wire in the sensor to your current engine loom. Calibration data and wiring information included.

One sensor, or one sensor with plug as selected.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Peak measurement

2000 Bar, 2200 Bar, 2400 Bar, 2700 Bar

Plug required

Yes, No


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