2.0d M47 Hybrid / Upgrade Turbocharger (reconditioned)


Product information

Hybrid turbochargers rebuilt from high quality used turbochargers
Made from the highest quality materials and parts
Rebuilt using brand new bearings, seals and gaskets, piston rings and o rings
Fully balanced CHRA before assembly with upgraded bearings and thrust assembly³
New turbine wheels made from freshly smelted inconel
MFS compressor wheels manufactured from solid forged block
Vane angles adjusted to suit the engine build the turbocharger is being used on, not just set to a generic flow setting
Strict quality control to ensure the highest standards of production
12 months warranty on all units

Maximum safe possible power for each variation:-

52mm 230ps
56mm 275ps
60mm 350ps

Price is for an exchange turbocharger, if you wish to send us your turbocharger for modification, then please use the address provided in the email you receive after purchase. If you wish for us to send you a turbocharger first, please add THIS surcharge to your basket, this deposit will be refunded once we receive back your original unit.
Total peak power as a guide only, this is based upon the flow data of both the compressor wheel and turbine side as a whole, every engine build is different and thus will yield different results. ‘safe’ limitation is based upon the compressor map characteristics, considering all possible engine modifications and improvements in volumetric efficiency, and staying within the surge and choke limits of the compressor map.

Turbochargers suitable for all 2.0 M47 diesel engines fitted in BMW vehicles 118d, 120d, 318d, 320d, 520d etc

If you are unable to find the correct version for your specific vehicle, or your vehicle is not listed, send us a message HERE and we will help you select the correct option.

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³All journal bearing turbochargers are fitted with an upgrade thrust bearing and assembly to allow higher boost pressures and still provide reliable thrust load support
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If you are modifying your diesel engine, your standard turbocharger will need upgrading. Some manufacturers fit turbochargers so small, its a wonder they even bothered fitting them at all. This is where we come in to help.

These hybrid turbos, will happily see you towards your goal of achieving more power, in a safe and reliable way. They have very good flow characteristics, can run at much higher boost pressures than standard, and are guaranteed to last a minimum of 12 months. They are available in different sizes, so its possible to choose the perfect hybrid for your application.

A brief overview of turbocharger compressor wheels:

Cast – made by pouring molten metal into a mold

Billet – made by cutting a solid block of metal to the correct dimensions

5+5  – 5 major compressor blades & 5 minor compressor blades

6+6 – 6 major compressor blades & 6 minor compressor blades

7+7 – 7 major compressor blades & 7 minor compressor blades

8+0 – 8 major compressor blades & no minor compressor blades

9+0 – 9 major compressor blades & no minor compressor blades

10+0 – 10 major compressor blades & no minor compressor blades

11+0 – 11 major compressor blades & no minor compressor blades

STD – standard size compressor wheel

Extended tip – the exducer blades (large diameter) have been extended

Extended tip & nose – as above + the inducer (small diameter) has been raised

Super Titanium billet XLT® – a billet compressor wheel milled from a solid piece of titanium alloy

5+5 is best for applications that require a very high boost to flow ratio, for example where stock camshafts and only minor intake modifications have taken place, on small displacement engines.

6+6 is best for applications that require a high boost to flow ratio, for example where stock camshafts and only minor intake modifications have taken place

7+7 is best for applications where a little more flow is available, through larger intercooler systems or more freely flowing intake manifolds

11+0 is for the pinnacle of performance. They have the highest flow to boost ratio, which with the larger compressor wheels, can make them susceptible to surge on engines which haven’t made improvements in the valvetrain area, and have high intercooler pressure drop for example.

8+0 / 9+0 / 10+0 are similar in performance to 11+0 compressor wheels, however with smaller wheel sizes 11+0 would add extra weight with no benefit in flow ability. The spacing between the blades, vs the overall length of the blades from the centre of the wheel axis, changes with wheel diameter, so smaller wheels use less blades to keep the blade tip spacing in the range best suited for high air flow performance. With same wheel sizes, 8+0 will flow less air overall at the same boost pressure as a 9+0, so has a higher boost to flow ratio in comparison. The same is to be said for a 9+0 vs a 10+0 and so on.

STD wheels will flow a good amount of air, the volume of air entering the compressor wheel is in a set ratio with the pressure of air leaving the wheel, this is ideal for lightly tuned engines.

Extended tip wheels will add an increase in boost pressure over a STD wheel size, and are ideal for applications where there is enough air flow from a standard sized wheel, but the engine requires more boost pressure in order to make extra power.

Extended tip & nose wheels are ideal for applications that want the absolute amount of air flow and boost pressure possible from a particular wheel size. These are the highest flowing of all wheels in a particular size, and will provide the best performance on a tuned engine.

Super Titanium billet XLT® wheels are the ultimate compressor wheel for the most demanding of situations. Built for ultimate strength, they can support 10-15% more boost pressure and air flow than the equivalent billet aluminium compressor wheel, and thus are able to support 10-15% more power than the equivalent billet aluminium wheel. Higher rotational speeds are possible due to increased strength with less weight, and less load on the turbine shaft and bearing assembly due to lower centrifugal forces.

If you are struggling to decide which turbocharger is best for your application, send us a message HERE and we will get back to you with a recommendation as soon as possible.

Price is based on exchange for fully working original turbocharger, which you send to us and we carry out the refurbishment and modifications required. If you wish for us to send you out a turbocharger first, and you return yours later, there is a surcharge (deposit) to pay, which is refunded upon us receiving back your fully working original unit. Please add THIS surcharge to your basket if you wish to purchase the turbocharger outright, or want us to send the turbocharger to you first and you return yours later. If you don’t add this surcharge to your basket, you  will not be sent a turbocharger until we either receive your original or the surcharge.

12 months warranty with all units.

Any deviation from the compressor map will void warranty. Proof of correct installation and running in procedure will be required for all warranty claims. Warranty implies replacement or repair of damaged goods, no refunds will be offered for correctly supplied parts. A copy of the ECU software will be required for analysis before any warranty claim is honored, unless the ECU remap software supplied by us. All damage resulting from poor handling practices from courier services will be honored.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm

Garrett GT15/GT17, Garrett GTB17, Mitsubishi TF035

Actuator Type

Electronic, Vacuum

Compressor Size

52mm, 56mm, 60mm, 65mm, 70mm

Compressor Wheel Blades

6+6, 7+7, 8+0, 9+0, 10+0, 11+0

Compressor Wheel Type

STD, Extended tip, Extended tip & nose, Super Titanium billet XLT®


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