1.7 Di / DTi / CDTi Isuzu Engine Stage 1 Induction Kit


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Much improved air flow over standard induction system.
Improved boost response and increased maximum power capabilities.
Lower pressure drop and cooler intake air temps increase performance and maximize drivability.

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If you want the maximum possible performance from your engine, there is simply no other alternative. The standard induction systems fitted to most modern vehicles are long, full of bends, and not designed with performance in mind.

This induction system has been specifically developed to maximize the intake air’s natural desire to travel in one direction as fast as possible. With no meaningful bends, a large bore size, and a very small overall volume to diameter ratio, this kit makes making power simple and easy.

Fitting this kit will mean less pressure drop pre turbo, and therefor higher safe boost pressures are achievable. Charge air temps are reduced and overall turbocharger efficiency is improved. Other products may have a large bore, but are long and have too many bends involved. Make no mistake, this is the key to unlocking that power you have been missing.

Comes complete as a set of induction pipework, breather connector, alloy couplers & hose clamps.

A suitable 70mm air filter for this kit can be found HERE

Depending on product selection, these kits are suitable for 1.7 Di, 1.7 DTi & 1.7 CDTi engines.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 25 cm

Blue, Black


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